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Life as we know it

The life as we know it is over.

Our lives may not be our own, and we all need to be something to somebody. Yet, we owe it to ourselves to make our existence truly count.

In the course making through this shebang, people inevitably come and go. Friends, close buddies, lovers, bosses, colleagues, even family members, they are there but for seasons.

Some of these seasons get repeated; some never get another chance to resurface. Nobody really knows.

We do not have time for too many regrets or for endless nostalgia. When we exist in the past, we are denying ourselves the future and more importantly, now. I believe that God personally allowed these people to come in and out to add to us, to bring us tremendous happiness yet cause unspeakable grief; to make us into who we are today.

We can choose to remain in the past and stay an unfinished article, or we can move forward, even if it dictates that somethings get left behind.

Survival is natural; living is not.

We only live once (in every sense of the phrase) in this continuum. So love, laugh, travel much, cry, get angry, cuss, give; basically, live! Only do not make the costly mistakes of living in he past, or existing for the expectations of other people. Very soon we will find that we can never please everyone. Be true to ourselves, and even we have to die, we die knowing that we have already become the best us.

Live life to the fullest and have no regrets.

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Daily Commute in a Hong Kong MTR

subway tunnel

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Ho Chi Minh Calling (Part 2)

Was in a dilemma whether to obtain an international 3G sim card. However, fears turned out to be largely unfounded as wifi could be found in almost every cafe – and Vietnam has a strong cafe culture. Well, you are not under the wifi cloud 24/7, but i had enough to get by without complaints.

Vietnam-coffeephoto courtesy of Travel Vietnam (because i was too busy downing coffee)

Did i mention coffee? Coffee lovers will love Vietnam.  Imagine, middle of the day, 33deg sweltering heat, “ca phe sua da” (basically, iced vietnamese coffee with condensed milk). How about that?

I don’t know about you, but Viet coffee hits all the right notes for me man. Technically, i do not take ca phe sua da as I like my coffee black (you know, once you go black, you’l…. never mind). How the Vietnamese do their coffee with the right balance of aroma and acidity, even under a bed of ice, without milk or sugar, is beyond me. Love the lingering taste of hazelnut (please correct me if im wrong!) as the coffee slides down my throat.

More random viet-snaps:


girl looking at fountain


locals eating in the alleys – check out the little stools

streetvendor copy

roadside vendor selling his wares


hawking noodles in the alley

Some interesting things i observed during my trip:
 1: Vietnamese do not use coins at all. All of their currency are transacted by dollar notes.
2: Getting by customs was a breeze. no arrival card was needed, and i cleared customs within 10min of alighting the plane (incl the walk to customs). it was the first time in my life i was waiting by an empty belt for my luggage.
3: Beer is CHEAP. like < SGD$1/bottle cheap. doesn’t taste too bad either!
– my only grouse was the air. yup, endless supply of free smog, esp so when i was on the back of a motorbike. note to self: bring a mask in future.
4: Vietnamese have a surprisingly un-asian park culture. During the weekends, throngs of people take to the parks, relaxing with friends , or to take a break from the daily hustle and bustles.
Met with Jodi of Legal Nomads and James of Nomadic Notes for a cuppa. Did not manage to get a pic due to an unforeseen situation, but do check out their blogs. You’d love them!

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Ho Chi Minh Calling (Part 1)

So i headed north, spending a quick 4 days in HCMC, taking in as much of the sights, sounds and eats the city has to offer.

Special shoutout to Andrew who took in this vagrant that is me and took time off to bring me around. His place is amazing i tell you.


     Now you know why he doesn’t want to come home. picture taken from his living room

Before arriving, i made a mental note that this was a cultural immersion trip, meaning not much shopping, street food, and minimal tourist spots (i mean, having traveled here, the least i could do was to touch-n-go, snap a few customary i-have-been-there shots right?)


Yeap, exactly.

Andrew heard about my objective and duly obliged me on arrival


Because nothing shouts culture more in HCMC than from the back of a motorbike.
Not pictured: me clinging onto the bike handle for dear life with one hand
Not pictured (2): my mother’s ghastly freaked out face

One of the things that hit you after a while is how incredibly young the population here is. Majority of the people i see are around my age.


 All the 25 and 26xers!

The sombre truth is that much of the older population was wiped out during the Vietnam war years, and their remnants are the ones who are going to build this city. 70% of the population are <35, i have been told.

There is actually a relatively vibrant life that takes place in their alleyways.


a quick 5min polish for that extra bit of lunch money

cute-babeuncle was kind enough to indulge me in my photographical whims.
can’t say too much for the baby with an attitude. still cute tho. them cheeks.

Even the hostels are nestled snugly in these alleyways


good luck with finding you reserved accommodation. and this is only one alley.

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Taipei Recap

okaii. A summary of my taipei adventure in pictures, because words are cheap.

chilling at starbucks

streets of Ximending

savouring the 阿宗面线

taipei 101 in the distance

taken from the bus towards jiufenpu

at jiufenpu

the gang

the jiufenpu market

selling taiyangbing and pineapple cakes

settled down at this retro teahouse

alan amused

edward too

my cuppa 🙂

sat there till the evening sky

my beef noodle lunch

apparently the famous-est lu rou fan in Taiwan

taken from some mall. i like the natural converging effect!

people heading home after a hard day’s work

look at what the guy is doing haha

from the Taipei 101

at the outdoor section

…….till the next trip people!

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一路向(台)北 : 第3天

3rd day. Spent the entire day at 九份. It is breathtaking. The pictures that were taken doesn’t do it justice. You have to see it for yourself.

The temp for Taipei for the day. Insane!


View from the top


Lunch! 鱼根汤and卤肉饭.

Found a place at a quaint teahouse. Drank tea with a view

The better photos were taken with my camera, and as you can see, the photos are taken with the crappy iPhone. Better photos to be uploaded when I get home and to my PC.

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一路向(台)北 : 第二天

So, day 2 started. Feels like I’ve been in Taiwan for sometime but it has really only been 24hrs.

Compli brekkie.

View frm the brekkie area

Day 2 turned out to be a really nua day. Think one thing all 3 of us can agree on is that there’s nothing in tw that we REALLY needed to see. This was the itinerary for the day

– sleep
– brekkie
– sleep
– lunch: 阿宗面线 – it was YUMMY
– movie (we caught the hunger games)
– Taipei 101. We didn’t manage to get to the top because the queue was too damn long. We will revisit it on Sunday.
– dinner (tw porridge!)
– Starbucks
– jazz club
– some night entertainment lol

Photos for the day (alright I am srsly stoned so this entry is gonna be a short one: 415am now!)

Ah Zhong mee sua. U gotta eat it to believe how gd it tasted


Tw porridge dinner

The movie theatre. Quite ulufied.

Starbucks before the jazz club. Can’t get enough!

Shagged. Gd nite pple.

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一路向(台)北 : 首日

So, day 1 of exploration Taipei. We couldn’t check into our hotel early as the previous guests have not vacated our hotel room. Since we had half a day to burn before check in, we decided to gallivant.

Alas, too early, shops aren’t open. There was only one brekkie place open and thus we headed there for our first taste of Taiwan.

Taiwanese chai tau kway. Pretty good I say!

黑胡椒somethingsomething鸡蛋饼 – not fantastic, but not bad. One for the black pepper lovers.

After that, still no shops were open, so we hailed a taxi to one of the sights: 龙山寺or longshan temple because Edward and Alan we did not want to walk. Actually, Taiwanese cab drivers are really friendly and sociable! Just come up with an original topic, and u will be having a conversation that lasts throughout the journey. Taiwanese cab fares turned out to be cheaper than what we have back home too. Needless to say, we got around in these yellow cars for the rest of the day (and possibly entire trip).


Went to Chang Kai Shiek Memorial Hall:

Abraham Lincoln Chang @ Rajkumar Chang

Alan caught the jumpshot bug and flashing his 猪脚旋绕封神腿:

Of cos, yours truly took the photo. 1st try ok!

Lunch was at Din Tai Fung, and it was GOOOOOOD. They serve the same dishes as the DTF in our country, but with a significant difference in tastes. And the service was tip top. Even the 台妹 waitresses rendered tip top service and as a bonus, looked pretty darn cute too lol. Ed was totally smitten. Like damn-I-need-to-move-and-work-in-Taiwan smitten. Personally, I dun mind a Taiwanese gf as well! ^^



Of cos, how can a DTF trip be complete without their famed xiaolongbaos?

Demolishing the xlb likeaboss.

Still had time to burn, so headed for a little java:

On the left is 黑摩卡可可碎片无加鲜奶油 or dark mocha w/o whipped cream. Alan calls it 被鞭打的奶油.

You know, there are somethings that never change no matter where u go, like a good book, good chill out place, and good coffee. Life…..

Checked out shilin night mkt after settling our hotel stuff:

Giant Taiwan sausage

卤肉饭 – is it supposed to look like that uh? Can someone enlighten?

Some fish broth or something – quite yummy actually – though I suspect I was the only one who found it so

2nd attempt at 臭豆腐 after the disaster in HK. This time round, it wasn’t that bad. Maybe because I was prepared for it.

Bubble tea ftw! Koi and gongcha, y u no make this?


Of cos, who can forget abt shopping?

Stay tuned!

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Bye Singapore! See you in 5 days!


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alright alright, i know i’ve been lazy to blog…. so before i lose any momentum to again, i shall update!

so we went to Belgrade (the capital of Serbia) after Bucharest, another overnight train. This time, we had similar border checks again, but we were definitely more prepared for it. Anyway, Belgrade was pretty disappointing cos we went there with high hopes. Wikitravel said you HAD to check out Belgrade. But i felt that we were kinda wasting time the few days we were there. The city was dusty, hot, not tourist friendly (signs were all in Serbian language-very little English), and there was nothing much to do.

I think a singular post for Belgrade should suffice (not that anyone is planning to go there right)

our overnight train cabin

the super oily curry puff brekkie. It was so
oily i could only eat a quarter of it. Like, bite and feel
the liquid oil in your mouth oily. Apparently
it’s a Belgrade favourite??? How the heck do you eat something
like this?

the street where our hostel was located in

some rubbish jap food we had
(that’s sashimi btw) – looks more
like steamboat ingredients don’t u think

supposedly the most famous landmark in Belgrade:
St Sava’s Church

the closest i’ll ever get to a full mid-air split

Belgrade Fortress

Risotto – it was actually pretty good!

Bye Belgrade! Next stop, Budapest!

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