Posted by: Sengs | March 30, 2010

New York Day 5

one of the few things that could make me wake up early: catching a Man Utd match live! went to this pub near NYU – supposedly the official NYC MUFC supporters club. Ed was pretty generous in accompanying me even though his allegiances lay with some london team…

We won! Rising early was totally worth it

After the match, Andre told us people queue up for this ramen. Since the
last time at another outlet was so disappointing, we decided to try this one out
well, i wouldn’t say it was fantastic either, but at least it was above average – comparable
to the Japanese eatery at Liang Court (ahh, the name slips me – anyone rem?)
Anw, Ramen craving satisfied!

walked around the NYU Greenwich area a little after that

in front of NY’s version of Arc Du Triomphe (i think that’s how it’s spelt =p!)

NYU surroundings

Inside Cafe Reggio. Supposed to be the first NYC cafe to offer cappuccino.
With all due respect, it was supposed to be nice right? My coffee totally SUCKED
no joke man. Even 80cents kopitiam coffee had to taste better. The counter staff
might have been new? I certainly wasn’t impressed. Their tiramisu was decent though.

Outside the famous Blue Note Jazz. Didnt go in – no time, no money left

Headed to the Met Museum located on the Upper East Side (read: Atas) of NYC

standing on the rich people street. Ed said that this is where Gossip Girls and
all the Atas American shows based in New York film their atas-ic scenes

crossed off another thing i wanted to do – walk thru Central Park!

another act cool shot =p

another view of the park

Julliard School

Edward names this shot “A Man of Vision” HAHHA

Went to the NYC Korean town for dinner. I swear, the NY Koreans are so much prettier than the Korea Koreans! hahhaa… like everywhere u look there’s a hot korean babe. If i stay in NY i definitely am joining a Korean church HAHA

– end of Day 5 –



  1. Hey the man of vision pic is for your eyes only man…

  2. ippudo ramen is in singapore now too! it’s just ok…

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