Posted by: Sengs | September 17, 2010


alright alright, i know i’ve been lazy to blog…. so before i lose any momentum to again, i shall update!

so we went to Belgrade (the capital of Serbia) after Bucharest, another overnight train. This time, we had similar border checks again, but we were definitely more prepared for it. Anyway, Belgrade was pretty disappointing cos we went there with high hopes. Wikitravel said you HAD to check out Belgrade. But i felt that we were kinda wasting time the few days we were there. The city was dusty, hot, not tourist friendly (signs were all in Serbian language-very little English), and there was nothing much to do.

I think a singular post for Belgrade should suffice (not that anyone is planning to go there right)

our overnight train cabin

the super oily curry puff brekkie. It was so
oily i could only eat a quarter of it. Like, bite and feel
the liquid oil in your mouth oily. Apparently
it’s a Belgrade favourite??? How the heck do you eat something
like this?

the street where our hostel was located in

some rubbish jap food we had
(that’s sashimi btw) – looks more
like steamboat ingredients don’t u think

supposedly the most famous landmark in Belgrade:
St Sava’s Church

the closest i’ll ever get to a full mid-air split

Belgrade Fortress

Risotto – it was actually pretty good!

Bye Belgrade! Next stop, Budapest!



  1. hey david yr posting on Bucharest guard dreamy conversation is hilarious! Pics r very well taken and journey recaps r interesting.. Where’s trips on Spain and western europe?

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