Posted by: Sengs | March 22, 2012

一路向(台)北 : 首日

So, day 1 of exploration Taipei. We couldn’t check into our hotel early as the previous guests have not vacated our hotel room. Since we had half a day to burn before check in, we decided to gallivant.

Alas, too early, shops aren’t open. There was only one brekkie place open and thus we headed there for our first taste of Taiwan.

Taiwanese chai tau kway. Pretty good I say!

黑胡椒somethingsomething鸡蛋饼 – not fantastic, but not bad. One for the black pepper lovers.

After that, still no shops were open, so we hailed a taxi to one of the sights: 龙山寺or longshan temple because Edward and Alan we did not want to walk. Actually, Taiwanese cab drivers are really friendly and sociable! Just come up with an original topic, and u will be having a conversation that lasts throughout the journey. Taiwanese cab fares turned out to be cheaper than what we have back home too. Needless to say, we got around in these yellow cars for the rest of the day (and possibly entire trip).


Went to Chang Kai Shiek Memorial Hall:

Abraham Lincoln Chang @ Rajkumar Chang

Alan caught the jumpshot bug and flashing his 猪脚旋绕封神腿:

Of cos, yours truly took the photo. 1st try ok!

Lunch was at Din Tai Fung, and it was GOOOOOOD. They serve the same dishes as the DTF in our country, but with a significant difference in tastes. And the service was tip top. Even the 台妹 waitresses rendered tip top service and as a bonus, looked pretty darn cute too lol. Ed was totally smitten. Like damn-I-need-to-move-and-work-in-Taiwan smitten. Personally, I dun mind a Taiwanese gf as well! ^^



Of cos, how can a DTF trip be complete without their famed xiaolongbaos?

Demolishing the xlb likeaboss.

Still had time to burn, so headed for a little java:

On the left is 黑摩卡可可碎片无加鲜奶油 or dark mocha w/o whipped cream. Alan calls it 被鞭打的奶油.

You know, there are somethings that never change no matter where u go, like a good book, good chill out place, and good coffee. Life…..

Checked out shilin night mkt after settling our hotel stuff:

Giant Taiwan sausage

卤肉饭 – is it supposed to look like that uh? Can someone enlighten?

Some fish broth or something – quite yummy actually – though I suspect I was the only one who found it so

2nd attempt at 臭豆腐 after the disaster in HK. This time round, it wasn’t that bad. Maybe because I was prepared for it.

Bubble tea ftw! Koi and gongcha, y u no make this?


Of cos, who can forget abt shopping?

Stay tuned!


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