Posted by: Sengs | March 23, 2012

一路向(台)北 : 第二天

So, day 2 started. Feels like I’ve been in Taiwan for sometime but it has really only been 24hrs.

Compli brekkie.

View frm the brekkie area

Day 2 turned out to be a really nua day. Think one thing all 3 of us can agree on is that there’s nothing in tw that we REALLY needed to see. This was the itinerary for the day

– sleep
– brekkie
– sleep
– lunch: 阿宗面线 – it was YUMMY
– movie (we caught the hunger games)
– Taipei 101. We didn’t manage to get to the top because the queue was too damn long. We will revisit it on Sunday.
– dinner (tw porridge!)
– Starbucks
– jazz club
– some night entertainment lol

Photos for the day (alright I am srsly stoned so this entry is gonna be a short one: 415am now!)

Ah Zhong mee sua. U gotta eat it to believe how gd it tasted


Tw porridge dinner

The movie theatre. Quite ulufied.

Starbucks before the jazz club. Can’t get enough!

Shagged. Gd nite pple.


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