Posted by: Sengs | March 25, 2012

一路向(台)北 : 第3天

3rd day. Spent the entire day at 九份. It is breathtaking. The pictures that were taken doesn’t do it justice. You have to see it for yourself.

The temp for Taipei for the day. Insane!


View from the top


Lunch! 鱼根汤and卤肉饭.

Found a place at a quaint teahouse. Drank tea with a view

The better photos were taken with my camera, and as you can see, the photos are taken with the crappy iPhone. Better photos to be uploaded when I get home and to my PC.



  1. cool…(: fooddy all look so yummy…taipei…Nice and relax place to be to eat /shop/sleep… 散心..etc..maybe time for me to go for holiday to enjoy!

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