Posted by: Sengs | February 13, 2013

Ho Chi Minh Calling (Part 1)

So i headed north, spending a quick 4 days in HCMC, taking in as much of the sights, sounds and eats the city has to offer.

Special shoutout to Andrew who took in this vagrant that is me and took time off to bring me around. His place is amazing i tell you.


     Now you know why he doesn’t want to come home. picture taken from his living room

Before arriving, i made a mental note that this was a cultural immersion trip, meaning not much shopping, street food, and minimal tourist spots (i mean, having traveled here, the least i could do was to touch-n-go, snap a few customary i-have-been-there shots right?)


Yeap, exactly.

Andrew heard about my objective and duly obliged me on arrival


Because nothing shouts culture more in HCMC than from the back of a motorbike.
Not pictured: me clinging onto the bike handle for dear life with one hand
Not pictured (2): my mother’s ghastly freaked out face

One of the things that hit you after a while is how incredibly young the population here is. Majority of the people i see are around my age.


 All the 25 and 26xers!

The sombre truth is that much of the older population was wiped out during the Vietnam war years, and their remnants are the ones who are going to build this city. 70% of the population are <35, i have been told.

There is actually a relatively vibrant life that takes place in their alleyways.


a quick 5min polish for that extra bit of lunch money

cute-babeuncle was kind enough to indulge me in my photographical whims.
can’t say too much for the baby with an attitude. still cute tho. them cheeks.

Even the hostels are nestled snugly in these alleyways


good luck with finding you reserved accommodation. and this is only one alley.


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