Posted by: Sengs | February 19, 2013

Ho Chi Minh Calling (Part 2)

Was in a dilemma whether to obtain an international 3G sim card. However, fears turned out to be largely unfounded as wifi could be found in almost every cafe – and Vietnam has a strong cafe culture. Well, you are not under the wifi cloud 24/7, but i had enough to get by without complaints.

Vietnam-coffeephoto courtesy of Travel Vietnam (because i was too busy downing coffee)

Did i mention coffee? Coffee lovers will love Vietnam.  Imagine, middle of the day, 33deg sweltering heat, “ca phe sua da” (basically, iced vietnamese coffee with condensed milk). How about that?

I don’t know about you, but Viet coffee hits all the right notes for me man. Technically, i do not take ca phe sua da as I like my coffee black (you know, once you go black, you’l…. never mind). How the Vietnamese do their coffee with the right balance of aroma and acidity, even under a bed of ice, without milk or sugar, is beyond me. Love the lingering taste of hazelnut (please correct me if im wrong!) as the coffee slides down my throat.

More random viet-snaps:


girl looking at fountain


locals eating in the alleys – check out the little stools

streetvendor copy

roadside vendor selling his wares


hawking noodles in the alley

Some interesting things i observed during my trip:
 1: Vietnamese do not use coins at all. All of their currency are transacted by dollar notes.
2: Getting by customs was a breeze. no arrival card was needed, and i cleared customs within 10min of alighting the plane (incl the walk to customs). it was the first time in my life i was waiting by an empty belt for my luggage.
3: Beer is CHEAP. like < SGD$1/bottle cheap. doesn’t taste too bad either!
– my only grouse was the air. yup, endless supply of free smog, esp so when i was on the back of a motorbike. note to self: bring a mask in future.
4: Vietnamese have a surprisingly un-asian park culture. During the weekends, throngs of people take to the parks, relaxing with friends , or to take a break from the daily hustle and bustles.
Met with Jodi of Legal Nomads and James of Nomadic Notes for a cuppa. Did not manage to get a pic due to an unforeseen situation, but do check out their blogs. You’d love them!


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