About Twentysomething

Living it up from the sunny island of Singapore. The sun, the heat and the humidity babeh!

Enjoys good food – eats everything except onions and green peas – which are the worst excuses for vegetables; traveling as much as his budget allows; playing the guitar; writing songs (though nobody hears the bulk of them anyway!)

Loves the Big Bang Theory to bits and chuckles to the Looney Tunes – Bugs and co.

Will listen to any type of good music. Except trance, techno and other awful stuff they play in clubs. Not a clubber, as you can deduce.

Huge fan of John Mayer, Jamie Cullum, Sting, Alicia Keys, Jason Mraz. Did listen to a couple of boybands when he was much younger though – like Take That and Boyzone =x

Considers going to Old Trafford his pilgrimage. Once a red devil, always a red devil.

Secret (not so now) ambition is to be a gigging Anthony Bourdain – that’s right, trying good food from all around AND being a traveling singer-songwriter at the same time – though that’s more likely to happen in his dreams. Or the Sims.

Currently going thru the infamous quarter life crisis – where there are too many things to accomplish yet can only realistically pursue a few.

Motto in life: Life to the fullest; no regrets =)



  1. sooo cool to have travel to so many countries…europe…sooo envy…

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